MCT – doomed to stay below IPO price?

Mapletree Commercial Writeup                                                                                                       30 Jan 12 Mapletree Commercial Trust’s (“MCT”) debut on Singapore Stock Exchange on 27 Apr 2011 with an IPO price of $0.880. Prior to its listing, some market watchers are expecting that it should do relatively well in terms of its share price performance. This is because Mapletree Industrial Trust launched its IPO half a year earlier and received a sterling debut (for a trust). Its first day and first week gain amounted to 22.7% and 16.7% respectively. Unfortunately, MCT did not perform as well. It closed unchanged on its first day and closed -1.1% lower […]

What lies ahead for this week? Bull or Bear?

Last week, Asian stocks posted their sixth weekly gain, the longest winning streak since 2010 amid a dovish Federal Reserve and optimism that Greece would successfully negotiate a deal with the private creditors. STI has surged 10.2% or 270 points year to date (STI closed at 2,646 on 30 Dec). On the charts, it is likely that STI may go higher early this week and challenge the gap 2,943 – 2,974 (formed on 5-8 Aug 2011) due to two possible factors viz. a) Greek debt talks crystallised and an agreement is formed; or / and b) China eases its monetary […]

Review on previous post on stocks trading at 1-7x Next Year PE

With ref to my previous compilation of companies trading at less than 7x PE using Bloomberg data as of 28 Dec , I have attached the table below which incorporated their stock prices on 13 Jan (price as of around 4pm.) Notwithstanding the sharp 5.5% appreciation in the STI index since the start of the year, 64% of the stocks compiled in the table have outperformed the index. Name Adj Mkt Cap ($) Last Price ($) Ave Analyst px ($) Potential capital gain Est 12M Div Yield (%) 52 wk high ($) 52 wk low ($) Nx Year P/BV […]

U.S. Earnings announcement 13 Jan 2012 – 31 Jan 2012

Company Name Date *Confirm / Estimated Time Period Estimate JPMorgan Chase & Co 13/1/2012 C 20:00 Q4 2011 0.903 McMoRan Exploration Co 17/1/2012 C Bef-mkt Q4 2011 -0.105 M&T Bank Corp 17/1/2012 C Bef-mkt Q4 2011 1.52 Citigroup Inc 17/1/2012 C 21:00 Q4 2011 0.53 Wells Fargo & Co 17/1/2012 C 21:00 Q4 2011 0.72 Cree Inc 18/1/2012 C 5:00 Q2 2012 0.259 TD Ameritrade Holding Corp 17/1/2012 C Q1 2012 0.258 Northern Trust Corp 18/1/2012 C Bef-mkt Q4 2011 0.677 Charles Schwab Corp/The 18/1/2012 C Bef-mkt Q4 2011 0.131 US Bancorp 18/1/2012 C Bef-mkt Q4 2011 0.635 Bank of […]

Top five things to watch out for in 2012

Top five things to watch out in 2012 Time flies. 2011 had flown by in a twinkling of an eye. Nevertheless it is unlikely to be forgotten as there are several rare occurrences (or may I say, “black swan events”) in 2011. Last year saw half a dozen eurozone governments collapsing, Japan being hit by one of the five most powerful earthquakes in the world since 1900 triggering a triple disaster (tsunami, nuclear and earthquake) and U.S. losing its triple AAA standing since 1941. Thus, it is an understatement that 2011 is a dull year. 2012 has come with the […]