Sapphire – profit taking likely to taper off (17 Oct 2016)

Sapphire reached $0.365 on 10 Oct 2016, one bid below my measured eventual technical target of $0.370. Since then, it has fallen 14% to $0.315 on 17 Oct 2016. Will it continue to slide further?


Chart outlook

Sapphire has largely been trading within the range of $0.240 – $0.305 since 25 Jan 2016 before it broke out on 6 Oct 2016 above $0.305 on heavy volume. As previously mentioned on my 19 Sep 2016 Sapphire’s write-up (click HERE), the upside breakout above $0.305 points to an eventual measured technical target of $0.370. This was attained when Sapphire reached $0.365 on 10 Oct 2016 before profit taking sets in amid low volume.

Based on Chart 1 below, all the exponential moving averages (“EMAs”) are trending higher with multiple golden crosses formed. Amid positively placed direction indicators, ADX closed at 41 which is indicative of a trend. RSI has slid from 82 on 10 Oct 2016 to 53 on 17 Oct 2016, thus it is no longer overbought. Although OBV has come off from a multi-year high set on 10 Oct 2016, OBV is still at elevated level which bodes well for Sapphire.

Near term supports: $0.315 / 0.310 / 0.305

Near term resistances: $0.330 / 0.365 / 0.385

Chart 1: Profit taking likely to taper off


Source: Chartnexus chart as of 17 Oct 2016


Personal view / conclusion on the chart

Based on the above chart, my personal view is that Sapphire’s chart seems to be a classic, or “textbook” example. It illustrates the following:

a) How Sapphire’s price breaks out of $0.305 with volume expansion;

b) Attains the measured technical target price around $0.365-0.370;

c) Pulls back on low volume to resistance – turned support area around $0.305 – 0.315;

d) Before staging the next “higher high”.



Important caveat

Notwithstanding my personal view on the chart above, I wish to emphasise the following:

a) There is definitely a possibility that Sapphire may have some negative reasons (unknown to me, but known to the market) which cause the price decline. For now, my view is that this is a healthy consolidation phrase;

b) A sustained break below $0.300 with volume expansion is negative for the chart.


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