Ernest’s compilation of stocks sorted by estimated total potential return (29 Sep 17)

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S&P500 hit another record last Fri! Some private banking clients have enquired on any interesting stocks to take a closer look with a horizon of 1-3 years. Therefore, I have compiled a list of stocks based on Bloomberg’s data as of 29 Sep 2017. Table 1 shows only the top five stocks with the highest estimated total potential return.

Table 1: List of top 5 stocks with the highest estimated total potential return

Table 1_Top five stocks with the highest estimated total potential returns 29 Sep 17

Source: Bloomberg as of 29 Sep 2017


Noteworthy points

1. This compilation is based on Bloomberg’s data sorted with my set of criteria namely,

a) Estimated dividend yield for the next 12 months >=2.0%;

b) Market cap >= S$200m;

c) Presence of analyst target price i.e. covered by analysts

2. The above data is sourced from Bloomberg i.e. I have not checked the above data for accuracy etc.

3. Analyst target prices and estimated dividend yield may be subject to change anytime.

4. Table 1 above is for reference and only shows the top 5 stocks with the highest estimated total potential return. Do note that these 5 stocks have smaller market capitalisation and some are illiquid. Such stocks may arguably have a higher potential risk component vis-à-vis the likes of DBS and Singtel. Therefore, readers should exercise their independent judgement and take into account of their percentage invested, returns expectation, risk profile, specific company developments and current market developments. It is best to research extensively before you make any investment decisions.

5. My clients will receive the entire list of 105 stocks. I have also highlighted some interesting stocks (among the 105 stocks) for them to take a closer look. These highlighted stocks are based on my gut feel and general reading (e.g favoured by analysts / low valuations) which may be worth clients’ attention, especially those who wish to accumulate larger cap stocks via tranches with a horizon of 1-3 years, supported with dividend yields.


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P.S: Do note that as I am a full time remisier, I can change my equity allocation fast to capitalize on the markets’ movements.



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