Billion market cap stocks with 3% dividend 12 Jun 17

Billion market cap stocks with >=3% dividend yield (12 June 17)

Business Times has an interesting article published today “High-yielding billion-$ stocks go beyond STI”. However, I noticed in the article, it did not list all the stocks with market cap >=S$1 billion and dividend yields >=3%. Therefore, I have sourced data from Bloomberg and have compiled a list of Singapore listed stocks with the following criteria: a) Market capitalisation in SGD terms >= S$1 billion; b) Estimated dividend yields >= 3%. Furthermore, I have sorted the stocks with the above criteria, sorted by total potential return (i.e. Potential capital gain + estimated dividend yield). Table 1 lists the top 5 […]

STI chart as of 22 Jul 16

Ernest’s market outlook (22 Jul 16)

Dear readers, Markets have continued to rally with the U.S indices clocking in a fourth consecutive weekly gain. Will the markets continue to defy gravity to reach new highs? Read on for more.   S&P500 Index Just to recap what I have mentioned on 8 Jul 2016 (see HERE), I wrote “Given the low ADX, bearish divergences between price and OBV, MACD and RSI, it is unlikely that S&P500 may stage a sustainable rally above an intraday all time high of 2,135 on 20 May 2015.” –> On the contrary, S&P500 breached 2,135 and stayed above the level for the […]