Chiwayland – potential upside chart breakout (4 Nov 16)

Chiwayland has dropped from an intraday high of $0.177 on 10 Oct 2016 to trade to an intraday low of $0.151 on 2 Nov 2016. It closed at $0.162 on 4 Nov 2016.

Based on Chart 1, Chiwayland seems to have staged an upside breakout above $0.157 on strong volumes, the highest since 11 Oct 2016 (which coincided with the date of UOB Kayhian’s unrated report – see below). All the exponential moving averages (“EMAs”) are rising which indicate an uptrend. Although ADX is declining, it is still at elevated area at around 39 with positive placed directional indicators, indicative of a trend. OBV is exhibiting bullish divergence and is at the highest level since listing on 11 Jul 2007. RSI closed at 61 last Fri.

Based on Chart 1, a sustained breakout above $0.157 with volume expansion should negate the short term bearish downtrend and may head towards $0.170 – 0.177.

Near term supports: $0.157 / 0.153 – 0.155 / 0.151

Near term resistances: $0.164 / 0.170 / 0.177

Chart 1: Chiwayland – possible upside breakout above $0.157


Source: Chartnexus as on 4 Nov 2016

Chiwayland is reporting 3QFY16F results in the next 1-2 weeks. It is noteworthy that property companies in China are likely to have their strongest quarter in 4Q with the upcoming 3Q being a so-so quarter with possible losses in line with 1HFY16. However, according to Chiwayland’s 2QFY16 press release, it is confident of achieving full year FY16F overall profitability with the delivery of two major property developments by 4QFY16.

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b) Chiwayland – Huge discount and hidden value in presales (11 Oct 16). UOB Kayhian research postulates in their unrated report that if Chiwayland’s estimates are used, its fair value may range between $0.370-0.570. (It is noteworthy that based on 2QFY16 results, Chiwayland’s NAV / share is around $0.317.) [For those readers who are on my website mailing list, I will send the report to u tomorrow morning];

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P.S: I have alerted my clients yesterday (4 Nov 2016) that Chiwayland may be on the verge of a potential breakout.



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