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Below are my media interviews / comments sought by the media. As there are numerous media interviews / comments sought by the media, I have only put in the significant ones from Jul 2016 onward due to time constraints.

My first panel speaking in the capacity of a financial blogger (Sep 2019)

Ernest speaks

With reference to the above, this is my first panel speaking, in the capacity of a financial blogger. Many thanks to Marcus, President, Institute of Public Relations of Singapore and Clarence, Director at Newgate Communications for inviting me to this informative seminar. I have also learnt much from fellow experienced financial bloggers, Dinesh (Dollars and Sense); Dawn (SG Budget Babe) and Financial Horse.

These are some of the key takeaways (click HERE) from the panel discussion.

Do take a look at my blog (click HERE) for write-ups on the markets and specific stocks.

P.S: Readers who wish to be notified of my write-ups and / or informative emails, can consider signing up at However, this reader’s mailing list has a one or two-day lag time as I will (naturally) send information (more information, more emails with more details) to my clients first. For readers who wish to enquire on being my client, they can consider leaving their contacts here


My opinion on factors affecting Singapore STI's market capitalisation in 2H 2016 (Business Times, 1 Jul 2016)

Dear all

My opinion on factors affecting Singapore STI's market capitalisation in 2H 2016 can be found in this Business Times' article titled “Singapore June market cap unscathed as late rebound recoups lost ground, dated 1 Jul 2016”. U can access the article HERE.

My interview on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am Morning Express 晨光第一线 (24 Jun 16)

Dear all,

I am pleased to say that I have appeared on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am, Morning Express 晨光第一线 on 24 Jun 2016.

Readers who wish to know my market outlook on Morning Express 晨光第一线 can click HERE and scroll the time bar to 14.00 to view it.

My interview on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am Morning Express 晨光第一线 (27 May 16)

Dear all,

I am pleased to say that I have appeared on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am, Morning Express 晨光第一线 on 27 May 2016 again.

Readers who wish to know my market outlook on Morning Express 晨光第一线 can click HERE and scroll the time bar to 13:45 to view it.

My interview on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am Morning Express 晨光第一线 (29 Apr 16)

Dear all,

I am pleased to say that I have appeared on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am, Morning Express 晨光第一线 on 29 Apr 2016 again.

Readers who wish to know my market outlook on Morning Express 晨光第一线 can click HERE and scroll the time bar to 14.00 to view it.

My full page interview in The Straits Times “Me&MyMoney” Section (10 Apr 16)

Dear all,

I am pleased to say that I am interviewed by The Straits Times “Me&MyMoney” Section, published this morning. Readers who wish to know more about me and how I progress along this investing / trading career can take a look here.

My first interview on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am Morning Express 晨光第一线 (1 Apr 16)

Dear all,

I am pleased to say that I have scored another “1st” in my TV coverage. Although it is not my 1st time to appear on TV, it is my 1st time to appear on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am, Morning Express 晨光第一线 on 1 Apr 2016.

Readers who wish to know my market outlook on Morning Express 晨光第一线 can click HERE and scroll the time bar to 12.30 to view it. 


12 Dec 15 -1st time quoted on Today

After being quoted on several print media, my comments were finally sought and published on Today. This is another positive development.


11 Dec 15 -1st TV appearance on Channel NewsAsia

This was another breakthrough. On 11 Dec, it was my 1st TV appearance on Channel NewsAsia


My first article contribution on BTInvest  [6 Oct 2015]

It is my pleasure to announce my first article contribution to BTInvest which is the Personal Finance and Investment Arm of The Business Times. Going forward, there will be regular articles to be reproduced on BTInvest.

Please click the link here to view the article.

Have a good week ahead.

My opinion on the General Election and its impact on our Singapore stock market (Lianhe Zaobao, 14 Sep 15)

My comments to PAP win and effect on the stock market Lianhe Zaobao 14 Sep 15 (crop)

SGX Tallies Cost of Disruptions After Regulator’s Reprimand (Blmberg 25 Jun 15)

Singapore Exchange Ltd. will pay S$1 million ($743,000) into an education fund after two trading disruptions earned a reprimand from the city-state’s regulator and a bar on raising fees until fixes are cleared.

“There will be a moratorium on fee increases for the securities and derivatives markets with immediate effect until the improvements are completed,” the Monetary Authority of Singapore said on Wednesday after the exchange announced it will spend S$20 million to improve trading systems. “Following the discussion with MAS on the incidents, SGX has also decided to contribute S$1 million to its Investor Education Fund.”

The twin breakdowns in November and December marred the stewardship of Southeast Asia’s largest bourse by Chief Executive Officer Magnus Bocker, who’s stepping down next week to make way for Loh Boon Chye, formerly Bank of America Corp.’s head of Asia-Pacific global markets. Loh, who assumes his role July 14, faces the challenge of reviving stock-trading volumes, which have lagged Hong Kong’s. Bocker issued a public apology after the incidents, which disrupted trade for several hours.

“Financial institutions have the responsibility to ensure the resilience of their technological systems,” MAS Deputy Managing Director Ong Chong Tee said in a statement. “MAS takes a serious view of the incidents and will require SGX to improve its technology risk management.”

SGX shares climbed 1.3 percent to close at S$7.94 on Thursday, erasing a loss of as much as 0.6 percent. The company reported profit increased 16 percent to S$88.2 million in the quarter to March as revenue from derivatives jumped.

Fee Moratorium

While the SGX met an obligation to maintain orderly markets, it fell below service-recovery standards, the regulator said. Until the remedial measures are verified by an independent expert and the MAS is satisfied, SGX won’t raise fees, it said.

“There shouldn’t be a huge impact from the fee-increase moratorium,” said Bernard Aw, a strategist at IG Ltd. in Singapore. “While moves to beef up SGX’s IT infrastructure should help to minimize future disruptions and restore investor confidence in the market, SGX needs to address the bigger problem of low equities trading volume.”

Average daily turnover on the Singapore bourse was $864 million this year through Thursday, little changed from a year earlier, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That compares with Hong Kong, where trading almost doubled to $16 billion.

More Complex

The Nov. 5 failure disrupted trade for 144 minutes and prompted the formation of a committee of inquiry. It was followed a month later by the second disruption as a software error caused the exchange to delay trade more than three hours.

Some of the world’s biggest exchanges suffered from disruptions last year, including Deutsche Boerse AG’s Xetra platform. As technology is getting more complex, it’s important for SGX to design systems that are as robust as possible, Quah Wee Ghee, head of the independent investigation committee into the failures, said at a briefing in Singapore on Wednesday.

“SGX has recognized the seriousness and severity of the incident,” Chairman Chew Choon Seng said. “We’ve taken measures to minimize such incidents from recurring. With the adoption of the committee’s recommendations, we are confident that SGX infrastructure will be more resilient.”

The exchange said November’s outage was caused by a faulty component at a backup-power supply equipment in a data center operated by a third party. It accepted responsibility for the disruption and pledged to strengthen technology systems.

“The disruption is very bad for the reputation of SGX as it struggles to revive stock-trading volumes,” said Ernest Lim, a trader at CIMB Group Holdings Bhd. in Singapore. “They should have robust backup systems to minimize future disruptions.

Stratech Group stock stages further rise (Biz Times Print Edition, 26 May 15)

SHARES in Stratech Group continued to climb on Monday, hitting a high of 4.9 Singapore cents in trading and making it the second most heavily traded stock by volume.

The counter closed at 4.5 Singapore cents, up 0.2 Singapore cent or 4.65 per cent, after some 89.33 million shares changing hands.

The stock has risen sharply in the last six weeks or so, gaining ground from 1.5 Singapore cents since April 7. On May 4, the Singapore Exchange queried the group after its shares jumped significantly in heavy trade, although Stratech responded by saying it was not aware of any undisclosed information that could explain the surge in its share price that day.

Stratech has been on the watch-list of the Singapore Exchange since June 2013 after racking up three years of consecutive losses.

Remisier Ernest Lim noted in a blog post last week that recent significant contract wins in Dubai and Hong Kong, as well as a positive industry outlook makes it an interesting stock to keep an eye on.

The technology group's iFerret airfield/runway surveillance and foreign object & debris (FOD) detection system is used by some airports as well as at a military air base.

Aviation safety is also increasingly coming under the spotlight in the wake of multiple high-profile aviation incidents last year.

In an earlier report this month, Phillip Securities Research noted the stock value could range up to 6.9 Singapore cents in a high-growth stage. However, analysts have also flagged other risks, such as its status on the Watch List and the fact that its turnaround ultimately hinges on its ability to successfully land new contracts from other airports.

Stratech Group, which has emerged as the newly listed entity following the restructuring of Stratech Systems, is seeking growth in overseas markets such as the US, executive chairman David Chew told BT in a recent interview.

This year, the firm has won a contract for its iFerret and FOD detection system at Hong Kong International Airport as well as a contract to upgrade the iFerret system at Changi Airport.

Hot stock: Stratech keeps climbing on active trading (Biz Times Breaking News, 25 May 15)

STRATECH Group on Monday rose half a cent or 11.6 per cent to S$0.048, on a volume of 56.6 million shares, making it the most active counter on the market.

The stock has been climbing steeply from S$0.015 in early April. Stratech is in the business of technology innovation for government and business clients, including the aerospace sector. Singapore's Changi Airport, for instance, uses its iFerret™ airfield/runway surveillance system.

Last Monday, remisier Ernest Lim said in a blog post: "Since April 10, 2015, Stratech has appreciated around 100 per cent from $0.016 to $0.032 today. Its recent share price performance has been spectacular.

"The recent significant contract wins (in Dubai and Hong Kong), coupled with the positive industry outlook, should make it an interesting stock to keep on the watch-list."

"Stratech's potential turnaround investment thesis revolves mainly around the success and acceptance of its iFerret (technology) by the airports," he said.Mr Lim had written the blog post after an exclusive meeting with David Chew, executive chairman of Stratech. In the blog post, he extolled Stratech systems' use of high resolution intelligent vision over other players which use radar technology that may interfere with the performance of other airport equipment.

That said, the company has been on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) watch-list since June 2013, after recording three straight years of net losses, but Mr Lim believes that "there is a chance that SGX may grant an extension to them pending their discussions with SGX".

Opinion on Savings Bond (Lianhe Zaobao 1 Apr 2015)

Opinion on United Engineer (Lianhe Zaobao 17 Feb 2015)



Views on the Hong Kong Shanghai stock connect and A share (Lianhe Zaobao 27 Jan 2015)


Views on the market (Lianhe Zaobao 19 Jan 2015)

Singapore's Stock Exchange Looks to Make Trading More Attractive for Individuals (Bloomberg 31 Dec 14)
By Jonathan Burgos  Dec 31, 2014 12:46 PM GMT+0800


Singapore Exchange Ltd. (SGX) is
looking to individual investors to boost Southeast
’s biggest stock market after trading volume this year
tumbled the most since the 2008 global financial crisis.
The bourse will cut the standard
lot size for equity transactions to 100 shares from 1,000 shares on Jan. 19, a
move that the Society of Remisiers says will make Singapore stocks more
affordable for investors seeking to trade in smaller parcels. The average value
of shares traded daily on the
exchange tumbled 25 percent to S$1.05 billion ($794 million) this year as
investors deserted the market after an unexplained $6.9 billion plunge in the
value of three commodity companies over three days in October 2013. Trading
volume fell 37 percent in 2008 at the height of the global financial crisis.
“Retail investors had been buying
the small caps because they are more affordable, but many have been burnt
following the penny-stock crash and have stayed away from the market,” Ernest
Lim, a trader with CIMB Securities in Singapore,
said by email. “Cutting the board lot size will likely attract such investors
back into the market.”
The smaller transaction size was
announced by regulators in August as part of efforts to restore market
confidence following the penny-stock rout. It means an investor will only have
to spend S$2,059 to make a trade in DBS Group Holdings Ltd. at yesterday’s
closing price, excluding broker fees, versus S$20,590 under current rules.
The bourse will also impose a
minimum trading price of S$0.20 on mainboard shares as low-priced securities
are more susceptible to excessive speculation and potential market
manipulation, according to the August statement. Investors will be required to
lodge collateral worth 5 percent of trades and provide more information about
short positions.
While the change is encouraging,
some investors could be put off by trading disruptions at SGX in recent months,
according to Jason Hughes, head of CMC Markets in Singapore. The bourse opened
its securities market 3 1/2 hours late
on Dec. 3 because of a software error, less than a month after halting trading
for more than two hours on Nov. 5 due to a power-supply failure, triggering a
public apology from CEO Magnus Bocker and criticism from the city’s financial
“The damage from these outages is
going to be larger than any benefit from reducing the board lot sizes,” Hughes
said. “Given that the outages happened in a short period of time, it certainly
had an impact on SGX’s reputation.”
Share Move
SGX shares fell 0.3 percent at the
close today in Singapore, paring their gain for 2014 to 7.6 percent. The
Bloomberg World Exchanges Index advanced 3.8 percent this year through
yesterday. Singapore’s benchmark Straits Times Index rallied 6.2 percent in
2014, while the MSCI Singapore Small Cap Index fell 5.7 percent, declining for
a second year.
“Cutting the board lot sizes
should help encourage more retail investors to enter the market,” said Jimmy
Ho, president of the Society of Remisiers, which represents stockbrokers who
work entirely on commissions. “Retail investors can now afford to buy the more
expensive blue chip shares, which were previously out of reach for some retail
investors. These are more attractive and less risky investments than penny
The number of young professionals
starting to invest in the stock market has been increasing, Lynn Gaspar, head
of retail investors at SGX, said by phone on Dec. 19.
About 29 percent of the 71,000
individuals who opened new trading accounts with the Singapore bourse’s central
depository in the past 12 months were people aged 25 years and under, compared
with 19 percent three years ago, she said.
The reduction of the minimum
board lot “really opens up the market in a big way and allows the average
Singaporean to be included,” Gaspar said. “We see more investors moving into
the blue chips, both existing and new ones.”
One such investor is Michael
Thong, a 20-year-old student who has just started his two-year national service
with the military. He was accompanied on Dec. 18 by his brother Christopher, a
27 year-old airforce pilot, to open his first stock trading account at Phillip Securities Pte’s branch in the
eastern suburb of Marine Parade.
“I have done well in the stock
market,” said Christopher Thong, who said he started buying shares 10 years ago
with S$3,000 in capital, which has grown to a six-figure sum. “I’m encouraging
my brother to get started. He has a lot of time to read up on finance and
investing in the army camp.”
Nicholas Wong, who started
working as a remisier a year ago with Phillip Securities, Singapore’s largest
brokerage by number of clients, said he’s getting more interest from new
investors ahead of the change. There were a total 1.66 million trading accounts
with the central depository as of the end of November, compared with 1.3
million in 2008, according to SGX data.

“So far, I’ve got a number of retail investors
opening new trading accounts, ahead of the reduction in board lot size,” Wong
said as he helped a new client fill out documents at the brokerage’s
headquarters in the central business district. “This would benefit retail
investors with smaller budgets.”

Views on the market (Lianhe Zaobao 1 Dec 2014)

Views on the market (Lianhe Zaobao 29 Sep 2014)

Views on quarterly reporting (Lianhe Zaobao 15 Sep 2014)




Views on the market (Lianhe Zaobao 8 Sep 2014)


Inspired by a soap opera (Business Times, 26 Sep 11)
Ernest Lim knew he wanted to be an investor at the age of 21, reports DOLLY CHIAOBTAINING his Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA certification at a tender age of 28, Ernest Lim says he is currently getting 10 to 20 per cent returns from his investment capital every year.
Mr Lim: 'Sometimes we need to make mistakes in order to know what is lacking in our investment strategy.'

Inspired by 'The Magnate', a 1994 soap opera, the 30-year-old saw the financial world as his route to wealth.
Unlike most people, he chose to study accounting during his time at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with no intention of becoming an accountant, but rather, an investor who fully understood financial statements.
Q: What is your investment strategy?
A: Its more to buy the best company in the best industry at near to the best price.
I don't pounce on very speculative stocks. When I trade I put in a lot of research. It's not like the uncles and aunties who invest based on tips they heard.
The company must be a company you understand. You must know their business calculations and know what they are doing.
Q: How much have you earned with investing?
A: More or less about 10 to 20 per cent per year since I started nine years ago. I also made some losses during the financial crisis.
Q: What was your best investment?
A: My best investment was after my NTU days. It is a company called Broadway Industrial. It's a small to mid-cap company, which does actuator arms.
It is actually a big company in this field as it is the top three suppliers for actuator arms, which is used in the hard disk drive industry.
I bought in at around 29 cents in December 2009 and sold it in January getting 60 to 70 per cent returns.
Q: When was the first time you invested your own money in the stock market?
A: That was when I could open a trading account when I was 21 years old and put small amounts of money in my account. I was studying at NTU then.
The excitement of investing in stocks made me gain interest in them. I also like to work by myself and I like to do research.
As long as you put in the effort to understand the company, chances are you will get your returns when you invest.
Compared to working for a company, you will grow your wealth faster if you invest in the stock market, but it has to be at a sustainable rate.
Q: What was your initial capital?
A: It was not big. When I set aside capital for investment, I will make a case assumption that the money will be lost.
Even if I do all the homework to research any one company, the company may go bust and the financials may not be what it seems.
I set aside about 5 to 10 per cent of investable capital, so assuming the company goes bad I will only lose that amount.
Q: What was your worst investment?
A: My worst investment was done during my time in NTU. It was in ACCS, which is also a small to mid-cap company. It does the service and repair of mobile phones in Singapore and Asia.
I bought in February 2005 when they announced that they lost Nokia as a customer and the share price dropped. It was a good bargain then.
I did not have the proper knowledge when I was in NTU as well as the contacts and people to know more about the company.
I saw in some forums that people were posting comments saying that the company would have other customers who will pick up the slack.
In the end, it was not true and that was quite a bad investment because I bought it at 50 cents and I had to cut loss at 30 cents. It went lower to 10 cents after that. It has now been renamed, and below the radar screen of most investors.
Sometimes we need to make mistakes in order to know what is lacking in our investment strategy.
Research takes time and I thought that the price would move up by the time I'm done with it. Given another chance I would not do that again.
Q: How has taking accounting in school helped you? Would you be better off with a finance degree?
A: During my NTU days, I also took up finance modules. In NTU, the business and accountancy classes have the same first year syllabus.
During year two and three, I took up financial modelling and derivatives securities so as to know the concepts behind investing.
Q: When did you know that you wanted to be an investor?
A: Since I was 21, I knew that I wanted to be an investor. I did not see myself as a remisier but I've always wanted to be in this field. Even though I studied accountancy, I did not go to the Big Four when I graduated.
I went to GIC Special Investments to help support the investment groups. I then went to an asset management firm to manage assets of high net worth clients.
During my last year in accountancy, I took up the CFA to be more knowledgeable in portfolio management.
Q: At what age did you get your CFA?
A: The CFA requires four years of relevant industry experience so I took the first paper during my third year in NTU and passed.
There is a total of three papers and I took two to three years to pass them. I then worked till I was 28 and completed my CFA. That is the fastest path to get a CFA.
Q: How many companies do you currently invest in?
A: At this point of time, I do not currently invest in many companies. From this year, there are a lot of event risks that are uncontrollable. The outcomes of these events are very difficult to predict.
For example, in February there were problems in the Middle East, like Egypt. In Singapore in late February, there were the S-chip problems, and accounting irregularities which affected sentiment. Then in March, there was the Japan earthquakes. On and off, you had European and US debt problems.


The information contained herein is the writer's personal opinion and is provided to you for information only and is not intended to or nor will it create/induce the creation of any binding legal relations. The information or opinions provided herein do not constitute an investment advice, an offer or solicitation to subscribe for, purchase or sell the investment product(s) mentioned herein. It does not have any regard to your specific investment objectives, financial situation and any of your particular needs. Accordingly, no warranty whatsoever is given and no liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss arising whether directly or indirectly as a result of this information. Investments are subject to investment risks including possible loss of the principal amount invested. The value of the product and the income from them may fall as well as rise. You may wish to seek advice from an independent financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase or invest in the investment product(s) mentioned herein. In the event that you choose not to do so, you should consider whether the investment product(s) mentioned herein are suitable for you. The writer will not, in any event, be liable to you for any direct/indirect or any other damages of any kind arising from or in connection with your reliance on any information in and/or materials appended herein. The information and/or materials are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.  In particular, no warranty regarding accuracy or fitness for a purpose is given in connection with such information and materials.

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