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I am an avid investor, trader cum remisier. I am a Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder, as well as, a Chartered Accountant of Singapore. I have published articles on a wide range of topics on finance and investment, ranging from market / sector outlook, technical analysis and fundamental analysis etc.

Since graduating from NTU with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours), I worked at GIC Special Investment. Subsequently, I was with Legacy Capital Group Pte Ltd, a boutique asset management and private equity firm, as an investment manager for high net worth clients. Thereafter, I went to work as a fixed income securities investment manager before embracing my lifelong passion as a remisier.

This blog will mainly revolve around the topic of investing (which is my core interest). I will add in more articles in due course but they will be delayed and summarised, as I will send my write-ups, personal opinions, information to my clients first before some of these will be posted on my blog. There would also be more information in my write-ups to my clients than those posted on my blog (this is natural as my clients should have the “Exclusivity” access to the information)

In addition, the write-ups on my blog are published on various other financial websites and my comments have been regularly featured on mainstream media such as Bloomberg, Business Times, Channel NewsAsia, Lianhe Zaobao, Mediacorp, Today, The Straits Times etc.

Examples of value added services which I provide, but limited by time constraints:

a) Regular market update with my personal opinion on the market outlook;

b) Personal technical highlights on companies which I happen to see;

c) Personal write-ups on companies based on fundamental analysis, usually after exclusive meetings with key company management;

d) Able to source useful information from Bloomberg to generate useful information such as highest dividend yielding stocks with market cap > S$1b etc.;

e) Analyst reports on either overall market strategy / sector outlook / specific company reports. I will only send to my clients which I deem are informative and interesting to read;

f) Inform clients what my holdings are, especially if I change my holdings significantly.

I may post 30% of the above write-ups namely pts a – d on my blog due to time constraints. However, my clients will receive 100% of the write-ups. For pts e & f, I will not post on my blog. For extremely active and close clients, I may alert them first before I post my specific company write-ups / market outlook on my blog.

Do fill up the short form below if you are interested to know more of being my client. 

All the best in our trading and investing!


Ernest Lim, CFA, CA Singapore

P.S: I am selective in taking in new clients.

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