Riverstone – A potential technology play?

Dear Readers, Below is my writeup on Riverstone. I am not able to attach some of the figures on my blog. Readers who are interested can drop me an email at crclk@yahoo.com.sg Riverstone – A potential technology play? Of late, technology plays have been in play, especially in the first two months of this year. Hard disk drive (“HDD”) manufacturers such as Seagate and Western Digital have spotted impressive year to date returns of 80% and 34% respectively. This optimism has also filtered to our Singapore listed HDD component manufacturers such as Armstrong and Broadway which have jumped 33% and […]

Sino Grandness – Once bitten, twice shy?

It has been some time since I last published write-ups on my blog as I have been extremely busy since February. I have been running around for company result briefings in February. In March, I have arranged several 1-1 follow up meetings. Thereafter, I went to China to visit a company in April. Finally, I am able to set aside some time to do some writeups. Below is a writeup on Sino Grandness. I have attached many pictures but I am unable to put it on my blog. Readers can email me directly if they want the pictures. Since the start […]

LMA – Small Cap Stock, Large Global Market Share

In Singapore, there are only a handful of companies in the healthcare sector, much less in the medical instruments. In this handful of companies, there is one company whose market capitalisation only amounted to $215.4 million but it has a 75 percent global market share in the products which it sells. Most investors may not have heard it before. This company is called LMA International N.V. Background Of LMA LMA designs, manufactures, markets and distributes LMA™ laryngeal mask airway range of supraglottic airway devices and LMA Atomization™ devices for pain-free administration of medication. An approximate 25 percent of the world’s […]