Resources Prima Group – What attracts me to take a closer look

Resources Prima Group (“RPG”) has been on the restricted “online list” for a few brokerage houses such as CIMB Securities, OCBC Securities and UOB Kayhian (i.e. clients are not able to trade online but have to call their broker to execute). This restriction is typically for more speculative stocks. So what attracts me to take a closer look and do a writeup? First glance – What attracts me… 1.    Chart formation seems positive I have pointed out in my article dated 23 Mar 2015 “Selective stocks may have some small near term technical rebound” that RPG seemed to be building a base. RPG closed at $0.083 on 20 […]

ISOTeam – surged 55% since my last writeup, any more upside?

With reference to my introductory writeup on ISOTeam dated 17 Jan 2014 (see article, ISOTeam has soared 51% from $0.390 on 17 Jan 2014 to $0.590 on 27 Feb 2015. Inclusive of the dividend of S$0.01 / share payable on 14 Nov 2014, ISOTeam has appreciated a total of 55%. Having jumped significantly in the course of 13 months, the next question which naturally comes to mind is whether ISOTeam is overvalued. Let’s take a look at the company’s developments since my last writeup. Record 1HFY15 results ISOTeam released a sterling set of 1HFY15 results on 12 Feb 2015. 1HFY15 revenue and net profit rose 22% and 92% […]