Guocoleisure – potential chart breakout amid interesting developments (Written 26 May 2015)

Since 5 Jan 2015, Guocoleisure has been trading within a range of $0.910 – 0.980. With reference to Chart 1 below, Guocoleisure’s exponential moving averages (“EMAs”) seem to have formed golden crosses. ADX has also risen from the low of 11.2 on 9 Apr 2015 to 28.9 on 26 May 2015. This signifies that the trend seems to be strengthening. Price action also seems bullish.Barring unforeseen circumstances, there is an increasingly high likelihood that it may stage an upside breakout from its four month plus trading range of $0.910 – 0.980 in the next couple of months. Measured eventual technical target is S$1.050. Guocoleisure closed at $0.960. Day range was […]

Chart alert: Resources Prima Group’s potential chart break out

Resources Prima Group (“RPG”) was actively traded with total volume done 17.8m shares yesterday. This was the highest volume last seen on 15 Apr 2015 which was the recent peak. It closed +0.004 to 0.135 on Friday. Day range was 0.130 – 0.137. Based on Chart 1 below, RPG seems to be in a flag formation for a month. At $0.135, it seems to have breached the flag formation with an upside breakout. The flag formation should be confirmed if RPG can breach $0.137 on a sustained basis with volume. An upside breakout from the flag formation points to an eventual technical target of $0.215. This is […]

Stratech – Key takeaways from an exclusive meeting with CEO

Some of you would have remembered the terrible Concorde Crash on 25 July 2000 where Air France Flight 4590 met with an accident while departing from Paris airport. The accident was attributed to a titanium alloy strip left behind on the runaway from the previous departing Continental Airlines DC-10. This strip was not removed as an originally scheduled runway inspection was not carried out. This “preventable” accident caused 113 fatalities. (Source: How can the above accident be prevented? With Stratech’s iFerret system, the debris would have been spotted, removed and the accident would have been prevented. Their system seems to be superior to the other […]