STI & S&P500 fall 2.2% and 5.2% since 9 Apr – Some stocks e.g. Capitaland Investment hit lows with favourable risk reward (21 Apr 24)

Dear all It has been a while since I last published a post on my blog. I have been extremely busy with clients, trades and appointments, especially with 1-1 meetings with C suite management of listed companies. Readers can refer to my Linkedin HERE to see my activities and which companies I have met on a 1-1 basis. Based on Table 1 below, since 9 Apr, STI has fallen 71 points or 2.2% from an intraday high of 3,248 to close 3,177 on 19 Apr. S&P500 has fallen 258 points or 5.2% in seven out of eight days to close […]