Ernest’s market outlook 23 Nov 15

Dear readers, 3QFY15 corporate results have ended. We are approaching Dec which is typically a quiet period for the stock markets. In view of the potential tepid trading volumes, what’s next for our markets in the next two weeks? Read on to find out more…   S&P500 Index S&P500 index performed in line with expectations. Just to recap what I have mentioned two weeks ago, a) S&P500 seems relatively stronger than HK and Singapore markets; –> S&P closed 3.3% higher for the week, the best weekly gain in 2015 and outperformed Hang Seng and STI. Hang Seng and STI closed […]

GSS Energy chart looks interesting (19 Nov 15)

Due to time constraints, below is a brief chart view on GSS Energy’s chart development. Based on Chart 1 below, GSS has been hovering around the key support $0.095 for 4 trading days before closing at $0.101 yesterday. This is a positive development. OBV has been rising since 16 Nov and it is just 7% lower than its all time high OBV. RSI and MACD are strengthening. However, ADX remains weak at this time. Based on my personal technical view, it is likely to be pretty bullish if it can breach the key resistance of $0.103 with volume expansion and […]

RHB raised buy Singapore Shipping to $0.67 (113% upside)

Dear all, FYI, Singapore Shipping (“Sing Shipping”) just reported a good set of 2QFY16 results yesterday evening. (see here) It is up $0.015 to $0.315. Day range is $0.310 – 0.320. RHB, in their latest research report, raised their buy price from $0.590 to $0.670. This represents a potential capital upside of 113% if they are correct.  For those who wish to obtain RHB’s research report, they can consider to sign up to my website mailing list (click here to sign up). U can refer to my previous writeup on Sing Shipping here. It has given out a one cent dividend since my […]

Performance review of my recent write-ups (6 Nov 15)

Dear readers, I have been busy for the past two months with my write-ups on specific companies and write-ups on technical plays. Below is the performance review of my recent write-ups.   A) Performance of the recent company write-ups With reference to Table 1 below, the recent company write-ups have done well, partly aided by the recovery in the broad market. GSS Energy and Ying Li have delivered outsized gains amounting to as much as 44% and 59% in a 2 months and 1 month period respectively. The worst return was from Guocoleisure which delivered a positive return of 5% […]

Ernest’s market outlook 9 Nov 15

Dear readers, The past two weeks have been pretty volatile with STI falling as much as 120 points from 23 Oct to 2 Nov before surging 92 points in the following two days. Despite the volatility, this index fluctuation has been in line with my expectations posted in my write-up 2 weeks ago. What’s my outlook for the next two weeks? Read on to find out more…   S&P500 Index Two weeks ago, I mentioned that S&P500 might move up a bit more and consolidate, as indicators such as RSI are approaching overbought levels soon. Nevertheless, it is likely that […]