Yoma has breached its two-year downtrend line with volume expansion (2 Jun 24)

Dear all, Among the numerous write-ups which I regularly sent to my clients; I have previously done a short write-up on Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd on 23 Apr 2024. It traded between $0.040 – 0.042 on 23 Apr and closed at $0.041. A multi-year low (at least 13 years low) price was reached on 19 Apr and 22 Apr. I have actually informed some active clients who trade small cap stocks to take a look on 19 Apr. Since 23 Apr, Yoma has seen stellar performance in its share price by rising 137% from $0.041 to touch an intra-day high […]

Indices have rallied since my last writeup; CSE Global may be interesting (5 May 24)

Dear all, Per my writeup (click HERE) which I published on 21 Apr (Sunday), I pointed out that based on 19 Apr closing prices, the market is starting to look attractive with various SGX listed stocks presenting favourable risk reward set-ups with a medium-term horizon. It is noteworthy that both S&P500 and Hang Seng notched their approximate two-month intraday lows on 19 Apr and have since rebounded from there. Hang Seng was the star performer in the past couple of weeks and clocked a 13.9% rally or 2,252 points increase. It is gratifying to see that Capitaland Investment (CLI) which […]

STI & S&P500 fall 2.2% and 5.2% since 9 Apr – Some stocks e.g. Capitaland Investment hit lows with favourable risk reward (21 Apr 24)

Dear all It has been a while since I last published a post on my blog. I have been extremely busy with clients, trades and appointments, especially with 1-1 meetings with C suite management of listed companies. Readers can refer to my Linkedin HERE to see my activities and which companies I have met on a 1-1 basis. Based on Table 1 below, since 9 Apr, STI has fallen 71 points or 2.2% from an intraday high of 3,248 to close 3,177 on 19 Apr. S&P500 has fallen 258 points or 5.2% in seven out of eight days to close […]

Seatrium – scope for an up-move towards its Investor Day on 15 Mar (29 Feb 24)

Dear all The past week is filled with numerous earning calls and meetings. This article is written on 29 Feb with all data correct as of 29 Feb. In the interests of time, I decide to publish this article on my blog as per what I wrote to my clients on 29 Feb. Seatrium has fallen 15% from $0.104 on 21 Feb to trade $0.088. It reported results on 26 Feb morning. Given current low price and the upcoming investor day on 15 Mar, Seatrium seems to be an interesting stock worth a closer look. I have summarised the basis […]

Alert! Capitaland Investment trades at an all-time low $2.75, ahead of its results on 28 Feb (26 Feb 24)

Dear all Just wish to alert that Capitaland Investment (CLI) is trading at an all-time low since its move to privatise its development arm and spin off its fund-management and property-investment business (refer to Business Times’ link HERE). As I am writing this article, CLI has tumbled approximately 14% from $3.19 on 2 Jan 2024 to trade $2.75 today. If it closes at $2.75 today, it will be an all-time low closing price. The recent decline is accompanied with above average volume. Although such price action is not ideal, I wish to discuss a few points below on why I […]

Alert! Seatrium is testing an important resistance turned support area $0.087-0.088 – May be poised for a bounce (13 Feb 24)

Dear all Just wish to alert on Seatrium’s chart development which may be noteworthy. Seatrium has tumbled approximately 26% from $0.120 on 2 Jan 2024 to $0.089 today. In fact, the sell-off has accelerated in the past ten trading days. Since 29 Jan, Seatrium has slid approximately 18% from $0.108 to $0.089 today. This 18% decline is accompanied with above average volume. Although such price action is not ideal, I wish to point out a few points. a) Crucial resistance-turned-support area $0.087-0.088 likely will hold Based on Chart 1 below, Seatrium is now testing a crucial resistance-turned-support area $0.087-0.088. Recall […]

China Aviation Oil may be on the cusp of an up-move (21 Jan 24)

Dear all It has been an extremely busy period for me. Since August, I have stepped up my meetings with C suite management from the listed companies’ and their investor relations. Readers can click my LinkedIn (HERE) for some of the companies whom I met on a 1-1 basis. Notwithstanding my busy schedule, I have constantly updated my clients with news flow and market observations. In the interests of time, the below is a brief market observation on China Aviation Oil (CAO) and why it interests me.   Firstly, what does CAO do? CAO is the largest physical jet fuel […]

Margin account – why I started using margin account last couple of months (12 Dec 23)

Dear all With reference to my market write-ugp dated 23 Oct (click HERE), where I mentioned that I was buying on dips and was judiciously using leverage via my newly open margin account to accumulate stocks, S&P500 has rallied 8.6%. However, STI is still languishing at almost similar level vs my write-up. Post my write-up, some readers and clients have enquired on the margin account. Hence, I have done a short write-up on margin financing. What is margin financing? What are the things we should be aware of? Read on for more below.   A) What is margin financing? Margin […]

Markets hit by selling pressure. Is it time to BUY? (23 Oct 23)

Dear all It has been some time since I last wrote an article on market outlook. I have been extremely busy for the past three months where I have been meeting companies and other associates. (Check out my LinkedIn HERE). I have also just arranged an exclusive meetup with Lendlease Reit Manager CEO, Kelvin Chow and Head of Investor Relations, Ling Bee Lin with my clients last Friday. (Click HERE). As of last Friday, Lendlease Reit’s market capitalisation is around S$1.16b. With reference to Chart 1 below, October continues to see the third monthly outflows of funds from China equity markets. […]

Alibaba trades at single digit forward PE; net cash with earnings growth. What gives?! (11 Oct 23)

Dear all Alibaba, since hitting a post-result intraday high of HKD97.95 on 11 Aug, it has slumped 14.9% to close HKD83.40 on 10 Oct. At HKD83.40, Alibaba trades at 9.3x FY24F and 8.5x FY25F PE. Its financial year ends in Mar. On 26 Sep, Alibaba submitted a spin-off proposal for its Cainiao (click HERE) to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has confirmed that the Company may proceed with the Proposed Spin-off. A spin-off listing application has been submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. All in, it looks pretty positive. Why is Alibaba trading […]