Vallianz – An emerging OSV play

The first time that I came into direct contact with Vallianz Holdings (“Vallianz”) was in early Aug 2014 where Mr Ling Yong Wah, Executive Director of Vallianz did a presentation at CIMB Securities. My first impression of him was pretty positive as he went to great lengths to explain his company’s business and prospects. He was also candid and shared with us some of the potential investors’ concerns about his company. A week later, I met him on a 1-1 chat over coffee on his company to understand more about the company and also to clarify some of my queries. Vallianz has fallen approximately 32% from its intraday […]

Midas – all time oversold

With the recent market weakness, as per my usual practice, I will screen out oversold stocks listed on our Singapore bourse. Here is the list of the top ten most oversold stocks using CIMB’s stock filter as of yesterday, 7 Oct. Company Sector RSI <=30 Yongmao Holdings Limited Construction / Agricultural Machinery 6.7 VGO Corp Ltd Retail – Apparel / Accessories 8.7 Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries Ltd Construction – Supplies / Fixtures 10.4 Midas Holdings Ltd Aluminum 11.9 Junma Tyre Cord Company Limited Chemicals – Specialty 12.5 Full Apex (Holdings) Ltd Non-Paper Containers / Packaging 13.4 Jacks International Limited Retail – Drugs 14.8 […]

Giken – A potential Indonesia onshore oil field play

Giken – A potential Indonesia onshore oil field play Most people would have shunned the following stock, given that it has skyrocketed 800% from $0.035 on 18 Feb 14 to $0.315 on 1 Oct 14. This is notwithstanding the series of shares placement which Giken has done since Feb. Chart 1: Giken has skyrocketed 800% since 18 Feb 14 Source: CIMB chart as of 1 Oct 14 (not able to put here due to chart incompatibility with my blog. Readers who are keen can email me at for my pdf version.) What piques my interest? Giken seems to be a potential onshore Indonesia oil play. […]