ISOTeam – my thoughts on their proposed acquisition (30 Dec 15)

Dear readers, ISOTeam has just announced the proposed acquisition of TMG Projects for S$4 million after market closed this evening. The purchase consideration of S$4.0m will be paid in the following manner a) S$2.4m will be paid to the Vendors in cash; b) S$1.6m will be satisfied through the transfer of 2,539,683 ISOTeam’s treasury shares (“Consideration Shares”) at a transfer price of S$0.63 for each Consideration Share. This transaction, by itself, does not come as a surprise as it is in line with ISOTeam’s intention to provide a total maintenance solution to clients. Furthermore, it enhances and complements their own […]

Innovalues – An interesting stock to take note in 2016 (28 Dec 15)

Based on capital appreciation alone, Innovalues has jumped 64.2% year to date as compared to -14.5% and -17.9% for STI and FTSE ST Small Cap Index respectively. Thus, Innovalues can be considered one of the star performers in the small to mid-cap space. Based on the average analyst target polled by Bloomberg, the target price for Innovalues is $0.970, which represents a potential capital upside of 24.4% for FY16F. For some investors or analysts whom I have talked to, some of them feel that Innovalues may not be as exciting as other stocks on a relative basis. Is this the […]

Ernest’s market outlook 28 Dec 15

Dear readers, I am BACK! So glad to be back to work again after my holiday 🙂 First of all, a merry merry Xmas and best wishes to you and your love ones in 2016! I just came back from Finland on 22 Dec. Finland is indeed a beautiful place. However, the same cannot be said for our Singapore’s market performance. For 2015, our Singapore market continues to lag in performance and is likely to end the year with year to date (“YTD”) losses, similar to Greece. Singapore YTD loss amounted to 14.5% from the start of the year through […]

A recap of 2015

Dear all, In a blink of an eye, 2015 is speeding to an end and 2016 is just around the corner. It is apt to take stock of what has transpired in 2015 for me. This is just a write-up to share with my readers so that they can understand more about me and my route this year as a remisier. It is not a write-up on the market or stocks in general. For me, 2015 is a year of many “firsts”. Below are some of the “firsts” from the mainstream media such as Bloomberg, Business Times, BTInvest, Channel NewsAsia, […]

Ying Li – Has its share price run its course? (12 Dec 15)

After my write-up on Ying Li on 10 Sep (see my write-up posted here), Ying Li surged 46% (in two months) from $0.135 on 10 Sep 2015 to an intraday high of $0.197 on 9 Nov 2015. It has since weakened 23% to close at $0.152 on 11 Dec 2015. Has Ying Li’s share price run its course? Let’s take a look at its current and upcoming developments and you can make your own decision.   Strong project pipeline instills confidence According to Ying Li’s project pipeline, there are several projects such as San Ya Wan Phrase 2B and likely […]

Asian Pay, all time low price and RSI since IPO (8 Dec 15)

Asian Pay TV has dropped to $0.710. Day range is 0.705 – 0.725. This is an all time low price since its debut on 29 May 2013. According to Bloomberg, average analyst target is $0.857. Estimated yield is around 11.4%. RSI is also trading at all time low at 14.4. Asian Pay has slid 14.8% from an intraday high of $0.815 on 21 Oct 2015 to the current price of $0.710. The underperformance is stark compared to the 4.3% decline in the FTSE ST Real Estate Investment Trusts Index (“FTSE Reit”) over the same period. With reference to Chart 1 […]

Performance review on stocks with my measured technical target prices

Below is a compilation of stocks which I have given my measured technical target prices (based on charts) for the past two months.  It is fortunate that all three have met the measured technical target prices. See Table 1 below. Table 1: Performance of the recent technical plays with technical target prices   Noteworthy points on the above: 1. I first wrote GKE on 16 Oct when it was $0.079. See writeup here. The technical target was first mentioned on 16 Oct 15. 2. I first wrote Innovalues on 23 Oct when it was trading $0.720. See writeup here. The technical […]

Ernest’s market outlook 7 Dec 15

Dear readers, U.S market has just notched their ninth weekly gain out of last 10 weeks. However, the same cannot be said for our Singapore market where it is one of the weakest equity market in Asia, in terms of year to date equity performance. This is not surprising as I have mentioned that STI is the weakest chart among Hang Seng and S&P500 two weeks ago. So, what’s next for our markets in the next two weeks? Read on to find out more…   S&P500 Index Just to recap what I have mentioned two weeks ago, S&P500 is likely […]