S&P500 chart as of 29 Mar 18

Island reversal; potential Dow Theory sell signal… What does this mean for our markets? (30 Mar 18)

Dear all, Besides the headline grabbing news on Facebook and the U.S. China trade tariffs etc. some of you may have noticed other equally interesting / alarming headlines such as the island reversal chart formation seen in Nasdaq 100 (click HERE) and Nasdaq Composite index, and reports that a potential “Dow Theory” sell signal, one of the oldest and arguably the most widely followed market timing tool, may happen anytime (click HERE). What should we do? Let’s take a closer look at the charts and my personal action plan.   S&P500 closed 2,640. Day range 2,610 – 2,659 Based on […]

S&P500 chart as of 20 Mar 18

Markets – whipsawed by multiple events (20 Mar 18)

Our markets have been whipsawed by multiple events, such as rising inflation expectations and bond yields, protectionism (for e.g. Trade tariffs), upcoming FOMC meeting and sudden key personnel changes in the White House etc… How should we react or trade in current market conditions? Let’s take a look at the market events and the indices’ charts…   5 observations on the market Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s first FOMC meeting tonight. A 25bps rate hike is almost certainly expected but markets will be scrutinising what the new Fed Chairman will be saying during the conference; Based on an article on Washington […]

STI chart as of 8 Jul 16

Ernest’s market outlook (8 Jul 16)

Dear readers, What a difference the past two weeks make! Have you benefited from the sharp rally in the equity markets? Or did u cut loss on your long positions and initiated shorts after the Brexit and cut loss on your shorts due to the sharp rally? Two weeks ago, I said that I might raise my percentage invested from 71% to 150 – 200% on sharp market selloffs (see HERE). I also mentioned that I have told my clients who are mostly in cash to accumulate some stocks on dips. Indices such as S&P500 and STI have soared above […]